The Steve Sinnott Learning Resource Centre runs a membership scheme. Members can apply for our courses, use our computers (after completing a short computer lesson) and can borrow books from the library. Membership is free for all students and teachers who attend government schools. A small charge applies to most other people, which helps to cover the centres running cost.

Free or discounted membership may be offered to disadvantaged persons, people from marginalised groups or other individuals with good cause. Please contact us in strict confidence if you believe you should be entitled to free or discounted membership.

Please note that capacity of courses is limited. Membership gives you the right to apply but does not guarantee you a place on any course. Your membership fee is primarily for the use of computers and the library. Of course, we will try to accommodate as many people as we can on our courses.

Membership Application for children and students

Membership Application Form [Minor].docx

Membership Application for adults

Membership Application Form [Adult].docx

Membership Fees

Membership is free for any student or teacher at a government school.

For students or teachers at private or boarding schools the fee is 300 rupees per year. (Please check if your school already has membership before joining.)

The fee for other adults is 600 rupees per year.

Students and unemployed have a reduced fee of 300 rupees per year.

If you are from a disadvantaged group or unable to afford our fees please contact us.

Private Schools

Private schools may take a school membership, which would make all their students and teachers members at a significant discount. The price depends on the number of students in the school. Please contact us for details.