What To Expect

What To Expect at a Two Day Class Program

What To Bring?

All the books, copies, stationary, pencils etc that you will need will be provided. All you need to bring is something to eat at lunch time, a drink bottle, a good attitude and willingness to learn & participate.

What To Wear?

We don't care about what you wear, only what you learn! There is no need to wear uniform, you may wear whatever clothes you like.

Remember, you might be painting or taking part in other messy activities, so probably best to leave your favourite fancy clothes at home. Some activities will require you to move around or run.

On Arrival

Please arrive on time! If you arrive late and miss important information, you may be sent home and not allowed to attend.

On arrival you will sign-in to confirm your attendance. Then the teacher will share important information about the program, the rules and the schedule.